Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Calle de las Herrerias ( Street of blacksmiths)

Calle de las Herrerias is an old historic street in Cuenca, vibrant and full of life.  A real working neighborhood.

It's one of the oldest neighborhoods still in operation in the City, known for the welders and metal workers through the generations.

 So interesting to visit the workshops, where you can still commission a hard to find metal part you need, or a custom gate or patio furniture, or even horseshoes for your horses...

According to the local stories, folks coming into Cuenca to shop or sell just a generation ago would park their horses in this area for new shoes...

Here are pictures from the neighborhood, a little bit of old and new.

So you know where we are...here is the busy traffic circle at H. Capac and 12 de Abril (along the river).  You can see the big Inca ruins in the background (behind you is the Herrerias neighborhood)

You will see the famous metal man statue and the Plaza behind it with the Metal Museum. 

Fountain in the museum's courtyard.

Very friendly and cute kitty!

Several tamale shops to choose from, delicious!

A new-to-us park just 1 block over...who would have thought...

More modern and traditional houses....

If you visit this area in early morning, you will find fresh homemade tamales and hot steaming, sweet black coffee to take the chill off.  Sit outside and watch the street wake up and get on with the day.  Great entertainment and great snack, less than $2.

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