Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Corpus Christi Sunday with the Watsons

We are so delighted Nancy and Chuck are back in Cuenca!  So fun to get back to walking with them on Sundays.  We really miss them when they are traveling the world.

The day started early.  After the rains, here is the beautiful sunrise before our early morning chores. 

After breakfast with the Watsons, we walked to the Square...always a Sunday tradition.

We admired all the candy on display for Corpus Christi.  Didn't buy a one...but so fun to watch all the excited children! 

Earlier in the week, we watched the kids through a restaurant window as we enjoyed a coffee.   One Dad seemed to be telling his young son that he could only pick one treat. (holding up 1 finger).   The little boy sure had a hard time choosing! He studied the candy choices for several minutes until he finally settled on a gummy-bear kind of candy.

90 candy booths around the Square this year.

New hats for Nancy W and Rich!  Time to get new ones. 


Hats are so important at this altitude.  Many of the schools now teach the kids about the dangers of the intense sun. We see more folks with hats, umbrellas, shawls or just a newspaper shielding themselves from the sun. 

We also wear a lot of sunscreen. 

Walking on the shady side of the street works, too...

Welcome home, Nancy and Chuck!

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  1. Welcome home! We sure enjoyed your latest posts! Thanks for sharing...