Friday, June 7, 2013

Walking Pictures -- Always something fun

Our regular readers know we try to walk some each day.  Depending on the errands and schedule of the day, we could walk a lot or a little, but we do walk.  We usually remember to take the camera, too.  No telling what we'll see on our adventures.

Here are some walking pictures we've taken in the last couple weeks. You can see we've been walking all over this City!

Along the river on 3 Nov, we admired more fabulous street art. 


One day we passed a school in this same neighborhood at Todos Santos.  School kids were all outside learning some traditional Ecuadorian dances. Fun to watch.  Those dance steps aren't all that easy to learn!

Lovely trees at the Square.

Pretty flowers near the stadium.


In El Centro.  We have no idea if this hair salon is ''good'' or not, but we like the name!

International banners at the Square. 

Along the stairs up to Calle Larga.

Along Av Solano.

On the way to a Mexican lunch with friends.

Across the street from the restaurant, school children.

A local deli.

Pretty little straw boxes.

 Mom is selling fresh fruit, baby is eating a pineapple slice.  Yum!

Great old door down an alley near 10 Aug market.  'Wonder what's behind that door....

One more picture of the children eyeing the candy during Corpus Christi.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Great pictures! Hmmm, I like the name of the beauty shop also.