Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sidewalk Construction on Av Solano Has Begun

Right on schedule, work began yesterday.

A little noisy and the traffic seems to be a little more crazy.  But, the workers are already making real progress!

Isn't it great that so many workers have jobs, as the City is getting updated and beautified.

The first phase of this massive project concentrates on several blocks of sidewalks. 

In just one day (working to about 10pm last night), workers jack-hammered old sidewalks, then the big trucks came in and took most of the old rock and concrete away.

Subsequent phases will include adding a third traffic lane each way, as well as improved underground utilities, renovated monuments, bike lanes and so much more.  The round-abouts will also be repaired and re-landscaped.

 All scheduled for completion by end of year.

We're really looking forward to seeing yet another street improved and updated. 

We'll post progress periodically.

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