Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's Behind That Gate?

We love all the creative gates we see as we walk the neighborhoods.  We often wonder what's behind them.

Here are some nice looking solid ones...

This old gate used to hold a secret.  Walking past, you'd never know what was hidden behind this gate and high walls.  We knew, though, as we could see down into the block-size lot from our porch.  A couple llamas and a cow!  Cool! 

But, recently, we saw a backhoe...  and the animals being led out this gate into a truck...Now, it's just an empty lot.  We hope the animals come back...


Pretty flowers nearby.

Fun art outside a couple nursery schools.

Shops with familiar names.

Fun 'do!

Check out the detailed paint job on this building downtown.  Talk about creative street art!

We like this one, too.  Lots of talented artists in this town.

Sunday walking pictures.

At the Square, what a great dog!

 So patient with the people and all the activity.

Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.  The museum was closed, so we'll check it out later.

Coming out of the New Cathedral.  (Not sure what the special occasion was.)

At the San Francisco Church.

Back to weekday walking and window shopping...

Father's Day window.

VERY cute, doggie print sweater!

Happy Solstice!

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