Sunday, September 15, 2013

Even More Walking Pictures

Some of our friends say 'you can't have too many pictures', so here goes with more.

Fellow walkers will recognize many of these shots around Cuenca.

This is one of our favorite paintings.  Power to the bull!

Oh, this is funny.  A friend of ours actually thought these were REAL chicken feet!  No, they are probably nails to discourage animals and people from sitting on the window sills...

More shops are offering cute shoes with a walking heel, not stilettos!

Getting ready for back-to-school.

Sun can be intense, best to cover heads.

Progress, good and bad.  This is where the llamas and cow used to live....

...behind this wonderful old gate.

Love this water fountain.

More street scenes.

Every town needs a cowboy bar.

Marc Anthony fever!


More street construction.

Great logo.




Peek-a-boo!  Replacing the head on the Solano statue at the Crespo round-about....

...All covered up again.

More flowers in bloom.


Jasmine smells so good!

Happy Sunday!

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