Monday, September 9, 2013

Update on Av Solano

We are still so amazed how fast the street work is progressing on Av Solano. 
We can see steady progress each time we walk the street.

These pics are from a couple walks during a 2 or so week period.

Work along the middle walkway and park area is now in progress. 

Workers sorted and put aside some old materials to be recycled later.

New bike lane and signs!

Mixing the red cement for the bike lanes.

Trimming the trees.

The round-about at Crespo has new curbs.

We were delighted to see new railings here!  So much safer than before.

Av Solano, all phases, are targeted to be completed by end of this year.  At the rate they are going, Cuenca could even beat the deadline!

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