Saturday, September 28, 2013

Familiar Sights

We have a tradition of walking with the Watsons each Sunday when they are in Cuenca.  Since they have been out seeing the world, we thought we'd post some familiar sights for them, as we continued our walks on Sundays.

Chuck and Nancy, you will know this path...

Heading down Av Solano to check on street construction. The statue is still shrouded...

Blue pallets of new tiles have been delivered to the circle.

New bike paths!

New railings!  (There once were none.)

Up the dreaded stairs.

To the Square.


On past the flower market.

Past the party shops.

Past the hotel.

Old, sweet doggie taking a rest.

Still under construction.

This wall hasn't fallen down yet.


Museum of Modern Art at San Sebastian.

See you soon, Nancy and Chuck.   Sundays are not quite the same without your company.

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