Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another Update -- Av Solano

The street construction is progressing well on Av Solano.

Wish we could show you just how massive this project is.  Pictures don't show the sheer size and complexity.  It's several blocks long.

 MANY workers busy working to beautify the City (multiple shifts).


Improved sidewalks for us walkers are a joy to walk on!  Sure beats the old, broken, dangerous paths.

The RCrespo round-about is taking shape, too.  No more cover for the statue of Solano. 

The road is looking good!  (Traffic is still diverted.)

New signage up (still with plastic).

New bus stops!

Statue renovation is progressing...  You can see the wrapped statue through this mesh cover.  Some days we can see workers busy inside the cover, too.

Spring is springing here! 

Beautiful pink trees...

and the first purple jacarandas in bloom.

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