Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Walking in Quito

We took a ton of pictures on our walking adventures in Quito.  We're sharing just a few...

Quito is a big, busy City!  Tall, modern buildings along with old, historic little shops and homes.  We could see why Quito is a UNESCO City, just like Cuenca.  Both full of history and so charming!

Quito feels so much bigger and busier than Cuenca!

Great sidewalks for walking.

Really tall buildings!

Amazing sky.

Fast food restaurants.

Lots of shopping opportunities.

(These are real, full-size bicycles decorating the top of this building.)

Getting ready for All Soul's Day, Nov 2.  Bread babies and colada morada drink for sale.

A bride!

Military school.

World Trade Center.


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