Monday, August 11, 2014

Market Day in the Andes

This market is one of the last authentic people's markets in the Ecudorian Andes, definitely not a tourist spot.  It's located in the town of Guamote. 

Our train stopped here and we all got out to experience the market.

Coming into town...

We loved all the colors and activity.  Not much Spanish spoken here, but we managed to find some goodies to bargain for.  Here's Carol and George with the vendor after a successful purchase.  No, the pig below is NOT the purchase!


Folks tethered their animals to the railroad tracks.  That seemed ok, our train was on another track.
Rural women in Ecuador have a hard life.
Food for sale.
This woman is cooking plantains stuffed with cheese.  Of course, the pigs...
When we walked back to the train, a music group was there to entertain us.


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