Friday, August 15, 2014

To The Beach!

Our vacation moved from the Andes to the Coast!

Here is a picture of Guayaquil.  We stayed the night in one of these hotels on the Malacon.

After shopping for groceries, we arrived at Bob and Rox's with lot of hugs and smiles.

Coquita was so excited to see us!  She is just the best doggie and so darn cute.

It was WARM!  We needed the warmth from all that mountain cold.  Nice to be at sea level, too.
Pretty close to perfect weather for the visit.  It rained a bit one day, but even that was nice.  Rain keeps the flowers growing.

We haven't visited the Coast in quite awhile, but happy to report the ocean is still there and still beautiful.  We always have such a great time when we visit family there.

We walked in the sand and collected shells...

We had to check out all the changes in the 'Hood.

Rox checking on us,  probably reminding us ''it's
5 o'çlock somewhere."

Lorraine the Parrot is still there, still whistling, coughing and chatting up a storm.  George had fun with that.  This was George's first visit to the Coast and he was loving it all!

A whole bunch of baby sized parrots arrived. Being green, they blended right in.  You almost didn't notice them, until the ground  'moved'.  It was a little hard to get good pics.  We're sharing what we have anyway.  So fun to see them.

The iguanas came down from the trees when it got warm enough.  We didn't  get pics, but they were fun to watch, too.

Here we are in Montanita getting lettuce and tomatoes for the burgers.

Thank you to Carol and George for all the wonderful cooking!  CA Kitchen style breakfasts and other tasty treats.

Thank you to Bob and Rox for excellent food, as always.  Yum! all around.

It was Rich's birthday, so we had to celebrate!

A superb steak feast!

The brothers.
Birthday Cake!
Thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality, Bob, Rox and Coquita!
A Grand Finale to our Most Excellent Vacation!!
In case you missed it, see Bob and Rox's blog entry on our visit, here:


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  1. Perfect ending for the perfect trip! Thanks for sharing all the pictures.