Thursday, August 14, 2014

Scenery Part 2 (+ More)

Another side trip from the Train was to visit the oldest Christian Church in Ecuador in the town of Colta.

It's called  Balbanera Church, originally built in the 1500's.

Details are lovely.

Thick walls.

In one of the little towns, President Correa was there!  Because of security, our train was delayed coming into the station.  As we walked to a nearby crafts market, we saw the President making a speech.  Here's the quick picture.

Afterwards, he came onto the train and greeted everyone.  (We didn't get a picture of that.)


Our fantastic guides and staff for the trip.


One of the legs of the Train travel was the stretch known as the Devil's Nose.  It's famous.  A real engineering feat.  The track zigzags down several meters.  The views are spectacular.

The following pics are some miscellaneous ones from the train trip. 


An opened cocao pod below.  As we headed down to the Coast, the scenery and temperatures changed.  The lower the altitude, the warmer the temp. 
Different crops, too:  sugarcane, bananas, cocoa, coffee and more.

Now to the Coast!

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