Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Doing Lunch" With Nancy On Old Town Main Plaza

Me getting hungry after very little exercise.

We finished a meeting with some folks in Old Town near the main plaza. Spring has come to Cuenca. Trees and flowers are all coming out. So we sat in the park and watched the people and the day go by.

Flowers for sale every where you go.

We decided to get a bit to eat and tried a Cafe bordering the square. Seemed like the kind of place you might see a historic figure like a Poncho Via walk in for a beer. We had to check our guns at the door. Food was great. We had a traditional Ecuadorian dish (large piece of chicken with a medium hot sauce, bean salid, soup, tapas and rice and expresso for $3.50. There were less expensive meals for about $2.00. My company was great.

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  1. You two look great! Glad to hear you're settling in. Love you bunches! p2 & Rocky