Thursday, April 9, 2009

Adjusting here in Cuenca

Wonders of wonders! It looks like we got the computers working ok (so frustrating!), so it's more than time to update our adventures here. LOTS of progress to share!

First....a special and heartfelt thanks to Bob and Rox for getting us started on building the 'infrastructure'.......... you know, finding a doctor/lab/hospital, finding the bank and the SuperMaxi (grocery store like Safeway), getting cell phones/internet/printer (kind of) working...
I say, 'kind of' because the Net has been working off/on..........we think it probably has nothing to do with the ISP though and more about security settings...which we've been loosening up...

B/R also introduced us to a gal who gave us the best haircuts! And, some great restaurants... and more. Saved us a bunch of time (and grief!) and we've met some new friends through them, too.

We've been 'on our own' (with Bob/Rox now back on the Coast), for a few days now and we're getting to know this friendly and beautiful City more... we've been to the Mall, inside a few historic Churches, found more good restaurants, met more nice folks, explored more on foot.......we're settling in just fine!

We've been checking out the real estate here, too. More on that later.

Both of us have adjusted to the the high altitude at about 8300 ft. A little rough at first, but we're fine now. I guess most folks have some symptoms as they adjust... high blood pressure, headaches, trouble sleeping......and some with sugar problems have a high reading, too... but, symptoms don't usually last too long, maybe a couple weeks or so, and you just have to slow down, eat well and take an aspirin for the headache and breathe........a cup of special tea, called mate de coca, helps, too.

Let's see if I can share some pics now.......nope, but Rich can add some later.

Love, N (and R)

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