Sunday, April 19, 2009

Speaking of the ranch...

We're sitting here talking about just how far we've come...and not just in miles...

We've lived in alot of special places... the last on a hay farm/ranch in Oregon, on the west coast of the USA (right above California on the map).

Since we've met a couple of farmers/ranchers here, we promised we'd share some pics..........

I think there are some pics of Rich on the tractor and bales in the fields, but they might be on the other me!

These are autumn shots, love those seasonal colors!
More details on the pics:
1. Entry to the property. If you squint, you'll see an outline of a great blue heron on the gate.
2. Nancy with her favorite RED tree, along one of the irrigation ditches (irrigation by gravity only, no irrigation eqipment needed).
3. The driveway toward the street... Rich and friends planted all those wonderful trees. An irrigation ditch on the right.
4. Front of the house. River is at the back (see early blog posts for river shots).
5-6. Driveway areas near house.

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