Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Real Estate

... is all over the place, the whole range......

We've seen about 40 or so places for sale here in Cuenca, everything from 100+ year old adobe fix-ups to brand new, almost done, construction. Pros and cons to all.

Overall, each place had some pluses to consider. We loved one of the old adobes, right across from one of the rivers. Nothing like that 'sweet smell of history' to get creative juices going! 2 bedroom, 1 bath, updated kitchen, great location, for $39K. BUT, we decided to pass and kept looking. The courtyard is beautiful though... and we hear it sold within the week.

One of the most expensive places we looked at, at $450K, was a giant compound of huge main house, several outbuildings and huge garden, on a quiet cul-de-sac, also near a river. Big enough for a multi-generation family and lots of live-in help. Way too big for us (and more than we want to pay), fun to see all the same, and we moved on.

Most of the places had some good and not-so-good elements...... we want a porch/deck/veranda (we're 'porch/outdoor/garden people!), we like lots of light, views, not too big, not too small....... near water is good and near services within walking distance is good, too.

Some places had very nice 'touches'.... beautiful wood and/or tile floors/trim, big rooms, good floor plans, modern kitchens (some with dishwasher! An uncommon addition here). Some came with furnishings, including linens and dishes, some came with almost nothing... no water heater, no applicances, no light fixtures, etc. Some had parking, extra storage; some had security and guards...

Out of the 40+ places, we're interested in 2....... we'll know more later this week...........

Our realtors, (both are professional, speak English) are great! We also have wonderful legal help, so we're feeling we're in good hands.

Doing real estate is 'different' here, compared to the States. But, we're learning...trying to not take anything for granted (which is hard since we've done real estate the US way for 45 years! Old habits die hard...).

More later.

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