Friday, March 5, 2010

Celebrating at The Terrace

We've been celebrating for a few days.  ONE FULL YEAR in Ecuador is a HUGE deal!

Last night, we were at The Terrace with Bob and Rox, Chuck and Nancy.

We had multiple events to celebrate!  We celebrated Bob and Rox's return to Cuenca for a quick visit and Bob's excellent results of his doctor visits (and Rox's, too);
We celebrated Chuck and Nancy's new car purchase and Chuck's upcoming trip to the jungle.  And, of course, we celebrated our one year anninversary in Cuenca.

Here are some pictures to share.  Nancy was the only one with a working camera, so the first one is taken by her (the empty chair is hers).  The other one was taken by the waiter, using Nancy's camera. (We should have had Nancy turn around for the shot!)

Several of us had the steak and Rich and Chuck tried the pork ribs with excellent reviews.  We noticed the sauteed mixed vegetable side option (instead of the salad) really looked good!  We'll try those next visit.

This time, we sat inside, which we haven't done before (we usually sit outside on the patio, but it was kind of chilly.) 
We didn't realize that the restaurant is so popular for dinner.  By the time we left around 9pm, the place was hopping!  We looked to be the only gringos in the place.

We had a wonderful dinner and a wonderful time. 

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