Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cuenca arrival 2009, plus music!

March 5th, 2009, is a monumental day for us!  We arrived in Cuenca for our 'next stage'...which has turned out to be 'home'.

Going back in the blog, we remember meeting Bob and Rox at the airport...  with a ton of luggage!  We could hardly believe that most of our 'life' was stuffed into those bags.  We look a bit frazzled (we were!), tired (yes!), chubby (ack!),  but happy (you bet!!!)! We remember feeling soooo relieved we'd made it!
Take a look (picture by Bob, thanks for the memories!):

And, some of you will remember our previous blog about 'Chola Cuencana'...the music we keep humming...
We still don't know the translation entirely, but we 'get' that it's a love song.
(If you can help, let us know...our Spanish is still lacking some..ahhh....ALOT!).  Several verisons on the net, but this one just tickles us...lots of energy, a little hokey, but we can hardly NOT dance, too!

We've been celebrating the last few days...dinner tonight at The Terrace.  
(Located right behind the Stadium, next to a furniture store on the corner.)

Food is really good!  Here's a picture from an earlier lunch, to give you an idea...
$6.80 will get you this plate...2 good-sized steaks (lomo fino!) with mushroom sauce, baked potato, salad.  We always sit out on the terrace under the umbrellas, but there's sitting inside, too.

More celebrating tomorrow...

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