Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Friends and Family and the leaking roof

We wanted to share more pictures of friends and family here...as well as the status of the leaking ceiling.

Bob and Rox are now at the coast, after a fast trip to Cuenca.  We were sad to see them leave, but we sent them off with promises they'd be back soon. 

Here is a picture of 'our last supper'.  Joining us were new friends, Shell and Marsha (both in white below).  Also joining us, were Holly (next to Nancy) and her Dad (also a new friend, he's visiting from Canada).
Con (short for Conrad), Holly's Dad.  (Far Right)

We also met Valerie (in the red below) and Will (with his 'new friend'!), who joined us for breakfast recently. 

Always fun to meet new arrivals!  All nice folks!  Welcome to Cuenca!!


Our friend, Carol, recently had a milestone birthday!  Happy Birthday, Carol!  Many of you in Cuenca know her from the bookstore.  We LOVE her birthday tiara!  You can't see in the picture, but there are multi-colored flashing lights in the middle of the crown.  So fun!


For those who have been asking about our leaking ceiling upstairs, here is what we know today.

The building manager and workers came to see the damage.  They say this last storm was a particularly bad one, and they believe the hail stopped up the drains, causing the leaks.  We're not totally convinced that's what happened.  Rich is checking  more...

In the meantime, the workers wanted to come in and fix the ceiling over the weekend.  We decided to put them off until we're sure the problem has been truly fixed.  No need to tear up/patch/paint the ceiling if there's a chance it will happen again... 

The ceiling is drying out and the carpet seems to be dry now, too.  It's kind of ugly, but c'est la vie...it will be all fixed soon.

Thanks for checking on us and the ceiling!  Stay tuned...

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