Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday walk, friends and a market

Yes, we took our traditional walk on Sunday...a little bit different as we met Chuck and Nancy at San Sebastian this time.  And, we had the opportunity to meet new friends, Dean and Bill.  They have been here for just a month now and it's always fun to see Cuenca through the eyes of newcomers.  We're feeling like 'old timers'...we've been here now for one year!  (Our 1 year anniv. in Ecuador is Mar 3, when we arrived in Quito; 1 year in Cuenca is Mar. 5.  Much more on that later.)

Meet Dean (with Nancy).

Meet Bill!

We walked over to the 10th of August market to check it out.

Chuck bought flowers...of course!

We went on to the Kookaburra Cafe for breakfast, then on to the Square...nice to see more friends there.

Another fun Sunday adventure!

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