Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More fun pics

Our days have been full and varied, but we often forget the camera!  Or, if we remember the camera, we get some not-so-good shots...But, we're learning...

We did get some cute pics of Bob, Rox and Coquita when they visited Cuenca recently...Here we are toasting Roxanne at her birthday celebration at The Terrace...

Here's Bob getting ready to take Coquita, the Rocket Girl, out for a walk...(cute pic of Rox, too)

Here are some fun pics from earlier walks...this one is taken at the Main Square.....

We love the colorful outfits!

 Welcome home, Nancy!

A talented artist on Calle Larga...

Kookaburra Cafe...Jenny and Chris.

Susan in the garden...we miss you guys!

Progress shot of the Terrazza building construction in our neighborhood (for those friends awaiting completion!)

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