Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome Tom and George!

We're always amazed by the notes and comments on our silly little blog!

We originally started the blog as we were planning our first trip to Ecuador to visit family...Rich's brother and our sister-in-law, Bob and Roxanne (and Coquita, the Rocket Girl)  live on the Coast.  We visited them and Ecuador in 2008,  fell in love with Cuenca, and here we are.  We update the blog with pics and stories, hoping to share our experiences with family and friends in the US and beyond.  We're delighted to see that we now have blog readers all over the world! 

Through our blog, we have met new friends, too, both online and 'in person'.  Tom and George from Atlanta recently contacted us to line up an 'in person' meet.  We sent a quick email to our friends, Chuck and Nancy and Bruce and Charlie, to see if they could join us for a 'Welcome to Cuenca' lunch at the Terrace.

Funniest thing...  Nancy was sitting in the Atlanta airport, reading our email invite and started looking around...and found Tom and George!  All 3 of them were on the same flight!  They recognized Nancy immediately from her blog.  What a wonderful coincidence.

Here we are at The Terrace...  such nice FUN guys!

We had a great time.  Tom and George, welcome again to Cuenca!

Another coincidence... 

While Chuck was out getting our tickets to the Royal Russian Ballet, he ran into Tom and George again...and, guess what!  They were getting tickets, too.  So, after resting from lunch, we all 6 met at the Ballet and were able to continue our visiting... 

We all really enjoyed the performance.  Definitely a treat.  Not sure how the dancers were able to perform so well at this altitude, but they were just wonderful.

One more coincidence...  (we're wondering if it's not really a 'coincidence, but 'fate' instead!)  At lunch today on the Square...yep, you got it...  we ran into Tom and George yet again!  

We're sure there's a joke or funny quip in this somewhere...

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