Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rental units at Edificio La Fragata...progressing

Some have asked what "Edificio La Fragata" means... So, here it is:

Edificio = building, in Spanish +
La Fragata = frigatebird, in Spanish.

So... the building is named after a type of bird.

You can see frigatebirds in the Galapagos islands, off the coast of Ecuador. For pictures and more info on this remarkable bird, go to:

This bird is one of our favorites!

Our 2 furnished, short term rental units are progressing right along at Edificio La Fragata. We're aiming for both apartments to be ready to rent by mid-July.

There is a studio (sleeps 2) and a 2 bedroom penthouse (sleeps 4), both wheel-chair accessable and both with private terraces.  For more details, in case you missed an earlier post, go back in our blog to a March 2010 entry, where we got the keys to the units...

Furniture for both apartments is starting to come in, right on schedule.  Some is being custom made, so the delivery time frame is a bit longer... by end of June.  We've been shopping for the furniture and linens and kitchenware....adding a couple more light fixtures and towel racks and other accessories.

One of our workers is building another closet for the studio and the painter arrives Monday to paint the studio, too.  Window curtains/drapes for the penthouse are installed; shades for the studio are due in soon.  Happy to report the internal elevator is also coming along ok. 

We've started drafting the web sites for the 2 units, with more details (legal and other) to be added soon, along with the finished pictures, once everything is done. 

Here are some pictures, to give you an idea...all for the penthouse unit:

-Living/dining area (tables/chairs/bar stools on order; we'll add a TV soon).  This furniture is Madeform brand:

-Bedrooms (linens/end tables are coming).  Master has a queen bed; 2nd bedroom has 2 twin beds. 

All headboards/bedframes (also Madeform brand) and mattresses are the same style (for both units).

We've decided, in the interest of time, to put a conventional, Queen bed in the studio, rather than the Murphy-type, wall bed we originally planned.  We can always add that later, if we decide.

Since some of our readers are here in Cuenca shopping for mattresses, we're including this picture of the label...a new model which is advertised as 'bug resistant', made by the Chaide y Chaide brand...

The shops at the ground level of Fragata are starting to do a brisk business...  a coffee/bakery shop, a hair/nails salon,  furniture shops, a veterinary business, clothing shops...
Here's a shot of the bakery counter:

Some pictures of the neighborhood...the Ital-Deli (meat market/deli with sandwiches upstairs) right next door (on the corner of Av Solano and Av. Mora)

Fragata is located on Av. Mora, right off Av. Solano.  Here's a picture of Av. Mora:

A picture of the bakery around the corner on Av. Solano (outside chairs are with the Ital-Deli):

Workers at Fragata, 5 stories up!
(You can see them in the street scene picture above, too.)

We're making progress....

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