Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sunday -- Always Something New

Our Sunday walk started earlier than usual.  We caught up with Chuck and got an early start to town and breakfast.  Nancy didn't join us this week as she's traveling. 
Nancy, we missed you!

Our original plan for the morning was to meet Chuck and then go on to the Kookaburra Cafe for breakfast.  So far, all according to plan...We started on our usual route, and then decided to try a new way.  Weather was cool and no intense sun yet, perfect walking weather.

Pictures along the route...

Here are some decorations on a back of a pick-up truck. 
We found out later that a big 10K race for charity was starting later to raise money for Haiti and others.  We think that explains the decorations on the truck (for parade later, too?)  The big cross at the top of the street was also decorated with flowers and banners. 
The race is one of the biggest in the 48th year. 

Here are a few folks rigging up bells across from the big cross (we think they were planning to ring the bells as the racers whizzed by).

Breakfast at the Kookaburra was delicious, as always.  Linda came in on the way to participate in the race. 
Larry and their house guests came in, too.

Several of us decided to head on down to check out the race and wish Linda luck!

We spied Charlie looking out the window!

Awaiting the runners...

Here's the finish line and the first of the runners coming in.
There were several wheelchair racers that came in early, too.

The river is UP big-time from recent rains (brown water in the background).   Fast-moving rapids!  Hard to tell who/what was racing along faster...runners or river.

And, the sun was intense (note the umbrellas in the crowd).  We were happy to have an umbrella and water with us, too (that's what was in Nancy's shopping bag, for those who will ask).

After watching the race, we were all inspired to keep up the exercise program...  We walked along the river path with Bruce and Charlie and admired the gardens along the way. 

Another fun Sunday with friends.

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