Friday, June 4, 2010

Weather and Sunday pictures

Torrential rains!  We were at the main Square (Parque Calderon) a few days ago and found shelter...some flooding in the streets, too. 

No leaks for us, but some of our friends had a few with new construction.  Sideways rain will do that sometimes.  We are in the rainy season, but the rains usually don't last long.  The rains also fill, and occasionally overflow the rivers.  We didn't see any overflow recently, but the river was roaring....a good thing!
After a good rain, the City smells so fresh and clean.

Here's what the Square usually looks rain, patches of blue sky...

Here are some pictures from our last Sunday walk.  Early Sunday mornings are always a treat...we see the town before it fully awakes.  Streets are quiet.  No construction noise.  Bicycles on the main roads.  Hardly any cars and buses.

Coconut vendors...

A vendor ready to deliver some bakery cakes from the back of his car...

And, these looked like chicken feet on a window ledge!  Actually, they were made of cement (or nails?)  We sometimes see broken glass embedded along the tops of walls (to discourage intruders)....these 'feet' are a first!

A couple Sundays now, we've enjoyed these musicians and their wonderful, feathered dress, right outside the new Cathedral. 

This last picture is for those kids (and Adults!) who love gross stuff...
This is a jar of a popular hair gel we see in the drugstores and some (pretty upscale) hair salons.

We've had a full week with friends... Liza's solo mosaic art opening... Clarke and Brenda's return *home* to Cuenca...Shell's visit from the coast...more soon.

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