Friday, June 25, 2010

One more cooking class...New Orleans!

We sure have been enjoying these classes!  Lots of good info on techniques, ingredients and where to find, very good recipes...  We like the company, too! 

Last night's theme was 'New Orleans'.......  gumbo, potato salad, a shrimp dish, cornbread and a bread pudding with lemon sauce.  All very delicious!

Here's a picture of the class, just getting ready to dig in...starting on the left, and going around the table...Nancy, Chuck, Holly, teacher Leslie, Brian, Nancy (Rich took the picture.)  Mary, Leslie's helper, is in the background.

The cornbread was cooked in a cast iron skillet with bacon bits...  The plate on the right is a shrimp 'salad', with a wonderful sauce...Chicken/sausage gumbo (stew) is in the bowls...not spicy hot, but you can always add peppers or hot sauce to 'hop up the heat'.  Way good!

No okra in the gumbo, a good thing (for some of us who don't appreciate it).  We don't think you can find okra here in the markets...not that we've looked...

The potato salad, especially good with the gumbo, has a green onion dressing.

Another wonderful time with good food and good friends...and we learned a thing or 2, too!
If you go back in our blog, you will see pics of previous classes...and Leslie's email if you want to sign up for a class.  Highly recommended!


A couple more fun pics to share...

More bouquets of gorgeous flowers!  All from the flower market, just about every kind available...roses, glads, lilies...

We're still blown away by the beauty and the choices!

We walked to town with Nancy yesterday...not a Sunday walk and you could definitely tell the difference!  During the week, there is more traffic, more noise, more pollution.

You know how you can get the 'feeling' you're being watched?  Well, we did and looked up...We saw just the cutest doggie up on a roof!  He was busy checking us out.

Not sure how he got up there...but, he seemed just fine and very sure-footed on the roof tile.

You never know what you'll see on those walks to downtown...

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