Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cooking Class -- Appetizers

We did it again...another cooking class with Leslie and friends.  This time it was 'appetizers' with Brian, Chuck, Barbara and Howard.  Lots of fun!

Leslie showed us how to make the most delicious treats!  Here's Leslie, cooking Scotch Eggs.  These are hardboiled eggs inside sausage, for those who haven't had the joy of eating these!  British Pub Food, but these are 'gourmet' version.

Hard to choose our favorites, but the Scotch Eggs (with tiny quail eggs!) were right up there on the top of the faves.

Also on the cooking/eating agenda:  cucumber 'cups' stuffed with crab salad, carrot dip (with cumin, ginger, honey, topped with feta and black olives), stuffed grapes (with pistachio nuts and goat cheese), very tasty cheese crackers...  The 2nd pic shows the sliced Scotch Eggs and a pineapple salsa, served with plantain chips.
One more (no picture) is an Italian bonconcini, a '3 layer sandwich' on skewers...  Sliced baguette with melted mozzarella cheese and basil leaves, and a butter/olive oil sauce with anchovies, capers, lemon...yummy!

Wow, what a feast!

We have another class scheduled next week...stay tuned for 'New Orleans'.

If you'd like more information or to schedule a class (Leslie has several to choose from), you can contact her direct at


  1. I'm so sorry I missed this one--everything looks so exotic! And I'm going to miss New Orleans, too? Nooooo! I'll just have to make it up when I get back...

  2. Lourdes! I knew this post would get your attention! Quail eggs, can you imagine?!? We thought of you...

    Leslie says these 2 classes are popular, so she'll be offering them again. (Minimum 3, maximum 6 people). You can ask for the schedule when you're ready.