Saturday, June 5, 2010

Welcome *Home*, Clarke and Brenda!

Yay!  Clarke and Brenda have arrived back in Cuenca!

Don't they look happy...relieved.......and exhausted!

We first met them when they visited almost a year ago.  They vowed to return 'for good'...and they did!

We watched their computer countdown, day by day, as they went through all the angst, joy and frustrations (actually, the whole range of emotions) most everyone goes through as you get the planning and packing done for the final move.  They did all that, and now they are here! 

We thought it'd be fun to take a walk down memory lane...
To revisit the link to the blog entry about the night we met, go to our blog archives, back to June 2009 for our visit to a Benihana-type restaurant with friends.

More fun pictures from last year's visit...not the best of pics, but you can tell we were having a great time!

Charlie, Brenda and Nancy...

Brenda and Clarke!

Bruce and Clarke...

Brenda/Clarke (and doggies):  We wish you the most happiness and the very best of times here in Cuenca...Guess what!  You're not in Kansas anymore! 

(Their blog is a link on the sidebar.)

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