Sunday, June 6, 2010

Liza's solo art show

We were absolutely delighted to attend the opening of a very special solo art exhibit, presented by the Mayor of Cuenca. 

Our friend, Liza, of micro-mosaic art fame, was feted by dignitaries and friends and art lovers...She and her husband/assistant, Larry, presented several art pieces.  The exhibit runs through the month of June.  (Free and open to the public.)

Here's a picture of the latest art (with Liza):

Liza and friends (and her art in the background):

At the building, there are also educational 'storybooks' of how the art is created, step-by-step.  Sample glass and tools and techniques are also exhibited.

We are so proud of Liza and Larry!  All the attention and kudos for the extraordinary art is so well deserved. A wonderful evening and a wonderful show.

See Liza's website for more info (link on the sidebar.)

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