Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Sweet" Sunday

Cuenca has been celebrating for the last few days.  Lots of fireworks and lots of candy!

Corpus Christi is a Church holiday...goes back to the 1500's in Cuenca when the Spanish arrived.  (The holiday is also known as Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ in the Catholic Church.)  As the story goes, the Church created this holiday to replace the people's celebration of the June Solstice.

We did see many Church attendees on our Sunday walk with Chuck...but, here in Cuenca, Corpus Christi also means sweets...big-time!

Over a 100 vendor stalls wrap around the New Cathedral...all selling sweets of all kinds...candy, cakes, cookies.  (Lots of bees enjoying the sweets, too.)

Check it out:

Sunday, we 3 got an early morning start (we missed you, Nancy!)  We petted the neighborhood doggie (and gave him a treat).
For those who like the shopping bag...you can find at Fybeca...It's a nylon-type fabric, folds up very tiny for your pocket.  Several prints/colors available.

We had a bite and a cuppa at the Kookaburra Cafe, visiting with friends there.  Then headed to the Square for more visits with friends and, of course, had to buy some 'sweets' for later.  (The coconut/chocolate balls are very good!)

Chatting with Chuck at the Cafe:

Nancy and Donna enjoying the sunshine (love the hat!):

This next pic is of Fredi, one of our favorite doggies, making a new friend.

We like this pic, too...shows a variety of transportation at the Square...
skateboarders and a horse drawn carriage and a little one riding peacefully on Mom's back.

We hear fireworks will continue through this week at the Square.  (We've been enjoying them in our neighborhood, too)  When we asked how long the candy sale would last, we were told that the sale would continue until everything was all sold out!  Our blood sugar will never be the same.

Check out Rich's new hat. We made this purchase Sunday, too.  No flower purchases at the Flower Market this time, but we did get the hat.  (Sometimes you need a bit more than sunscreen, especially for the walks to town...) 
Thanks, Chuck, for the shopping tips!

Another enjoyable Sunday.

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