Sunday, August 8, 2010

Art and friends

Meet new friends Gil and Deborah from San Francisco.  Pictures from a recent feast at Tiestos with Barbara and Howard.

Deborah is in the coral with the flower;  Gil is right behind Nancy.  Deborah and Gil are now on their way back home to pack and plan...we're really looking forward to welcoming them back when they make the 'big move' here later this year.

Yes, we stuffed our faces at Tiestos once again and had a wonderful time.

At a nearby table, we were happy to run into our friend Patricia that night.  Here she is, with the chef.  Tiestos is definitely a popular place!

More pictures of  Deborah and Gil more cup of good coffee before heading home...

Gil and Deborah have a blog, too:

Our Master Gardener friends will enjoy this...We've been working on the rooftop terrace gardens at the Fragata rentals.  Sprinkler systems are all in and working. 

We're finding citrus trees and flowering plants here that will do well on the deck.   Nothing like playing in the dirt!

We ordered the hand-painted, clay pots from the pottery place behind the La Cuadras buildings on Av. La Mar.

A family-run business and the daughter did the pretty!

When Rich was looking for the new plants for the new pots, he was especially charmed by a little one 'helping' his Grandpa.  The child was loading and 'transporting' some plants by tricycle.  The pots were about as big as he was.  A hard job, but he was making it work.

More pictures to share...

Here's a recent picture of the roadwork at the major thoroughfare, Av Simon Bolivar.  We think this street's closure is one of the reasons traffic has been especially crowded in town.  Traffic has been diverted around the construction to other streets.  You can see there is progress from earlier pictures, and we see more progress each day we pass WILL open again soon!

One more picture of some new street art.  It's painted on the walls around some construction...we love it!  Hummingbirds are some of our favorites.

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