Saturday, August 21, 2010

More La Fragata pictures

Some of our family and friends have been awaiting updated pictures of La Fragata short term rentals, and we're happy to share them.

Edificio La Fragata is the building named after a popular frigate bird found in Ecuador.  The building is located off the busy Av Solano, and just a couple 100 ft from the Mt Sinai Hospital.  About a 10-15 minute, flat walk to the historic area.  (Easy public transportation on Av. Solano, too.)

These are the 2 wheel-chair accessable, 'Universal Design' units. It's a convenient location for the growing business of 'Medical Tourism', as more folks are coming to Cuenca for medical treatments and therapy.  But our market for these units is also for travelers who are not physically challenged.  'Universal Design' means it's good for everyone.

We're getting close to 'offically' getting these 2 units on the rental market. Even though we haven't actively advertised them, we already have some confirmed reservations!

Here's Rich trying out one of the lounges and a 2nd umbrella we've added to the penthouse terrace.
The picture would be more 'typical Rich' if he had remembered to bring his book.

For those here in Cuenca looking for patio furniture, we found umbrellas and furniture at Ecuaworld on Av R. Crespo.

Another trip to the nursery for more plants.
Lots of good nurseries around town, with a wide variety of plants and trees to choose from.

Along with the citrus trees on the rooftop terraces, we'll be adding geraniums and maybe some rose bushes.  Both do well here in Cuenca.

Beds are made!  Comforters/shams were ordered through Gina (speaks English)  and custom made at Artex, across the street from La Fragata on Av Mora (at Av. Solano). 

Here's a picture of the sleeping area of the Studio.  Queen bed.  Juan Carlos has finished the woodwork, too.  There's a small desk area on the right, wtih the WIFI equipment.  The wooden screen that separates the sleeping and the living areas was made by the same folks that made the one in our apt, very similar design.  They also made some of the furniture in both of the units (and in our own apt, too).

Electric fireplace/heater, furniture, cable TV and cushions in the studio's living area.  Sliding wood doors to the dining area.

Dining area in the studio...Artesa hanging lamp is installed and looking good.

Beds are made in the penthouse, too. This picture shows the Queen bed in the 'master' bedroom.  The other bedroom with 2 twin beds has the same fabric and lamps.
Comforters/shams also from Artex.   The doorway in the picture goes to the walk/roll-in closet with built-in drawers.

Artesa dishes look great in the penthouse. (Artesa dishes in the studio, too.)

We decided to add gutters to the terrace.  We remember what a huge difference gutters made at the ranch in Oregon in heavy, stormy weather.

For those friends in the process of buying new construction here, ask your builder if gutters are included on your terraces.  You may need to add them after initial construction is completed if gutters are important to you, too.

Here are the guys doing a great job for us. 

The workers have painted these down-spouts to match the bricks.  You can see they got the color  'just right' on the pieces around the awnings.

We still have some other final touches to add. We have found some wonderful wall hangings in the markets to add for a splash of color.  We'll share those pics as we decide where to hang them. 

To those who are planning to relocate here and trying to determine what to bring or ship...
All of the furniture, linens, hardware, building supplies, etc  on this post can be found right here in Cuenca!  We didn't need to import or ship a thing.  Labor and workmanship are top notch, too.

Happy weekend!


  1. Looks great! You guys have done a fabulous job (and I know it was a big job!).
    Is the picture of the nursery of the one on the autopista? I don't recognize it and I'm always looking for new places to try out.

  2. Hola Holly,

    We've been to several nurseries.

    This picture is from the one that is located on the road that passes the cattle market, on the way to Paute. We'll ask Fabian for more specifics on how to get there.

    Thanks for the nice words...

  3. It is so beautiful! We can't wait to get there.

    Gil & Deborah