Thursday, August 12, 2010


Wow! Got our attention. There were 2 quakes this morning.   Rock and roll!

We're ok.

Rich was leaving the porch going into the kitchen with a cup of coffee when it hit. The porch twisted and turned. Building rocked about 6-8 inches. Loud! A few things in the kitchen fell off shelves. Door jam/wall hit him hard in the back, spilled the coffee...

Sleepy head was still in bed. 1st one woke me up. By the time 2nd one hit, MUCH stronger than the 1st. I was UP, getting shoes on... Rich was up those stairs so fast, about 4 at a time...

We think there might have been another one, small, about 4 am, too...felt like someone was hitting the bed...we thought it was our imagination.

What a ride!

Early reports say that the earthquake was centered in the southern Andes and registered about a 7.0.
We may have felt it more as we're on the 10th floor.

But, we're ok.  Thanks for checking on us. 


Update:  6.9.
But all quiet now.  Another beautiful day in the Andes.

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