Monday, August 30, 2010

Enjoying our Friends

Periodically, we post a picture collection of friends here.  Mostly for the friends and family members  back 'home' and missing them, but also we post because it's fun for us to re-visit all the fun, too.

Holly and Charlie.
Rich and Fabian at the flower market.

These next few pictures were taken at Chris' recent Birthday celebration at the Kook.


  1. Oh,thank you for posting that. It almost brought tears to my eyes seeing all the faces of people we can't wait to see again (and the faces of people we haven't met yet.) We are making progress on our journey back to Cuenca and so very much looking forward to getting there.

  2. Loved the snaps, really felt I was there, thanks again for recording the events at Kookaburra...


    Chris's ma-in-law