Sunday, October 3, 2010

Animal Market

On the outskirts of Cuenca, there is a livestock, what an adventure!

Nancy was in total heaven.  Rich, Barbara and Howard enjoyed themselves, too.

We're starting the collection of pictures with the llamas,  of course.

Here's a picture of the entrance road:

Fabin picked up the 4 of us early morning and we headed out.  He used to be in the cattle business, so he was just the right person to lead the tour.

Cows, llamas, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, bunnies and ducks, kitties and puppies, you name it.  The place was teaming with animals, all for sale.  Lots of noise and people and food, too.  The market is huge!

Fabian led us through the cattle area.  We were careful not to get stuck behind the livestock...they are not potty-trained!  We missed our black muck boots from the ranch!  We were also careful not to get stepped on or bitten as some of the animals were a little nervous with the crowd.  But, all of us have been around big animals, so our instincts kicked in...Then, it was a 'walk-about' with the other animals, same caution needed.

Yep, got up close and personal with the animals. 

We noticed there were lots more women than we've seen in similar places in the US.  Fabian told us that the women were the best sales people...often the animals are bought and resold 5 minutes later.  The ladies transact the deals and spin the stories, and 'turn' the animals for profit.  Lots of haggling going on, usually woman-to-woman.

The sheep's wool would have been gorgeous with a good bath.  Our knitting and crocheting friends and family would have been drooling.  (Nancy and Barbara were!)

Some of the livestock were marked with buyers' initials (spray paint), for pick-up later. The pigs didn't seem to mind the paint as they snoozed.

It was a glorious day with lots of intense sunshine.  Fabian brought extra hats, just in case we forgot ours.  (We did!) 

There is also a slaughterhouse on the site (closed to the public).  Animal owners have to show all the required paperwork to ensure the health of the animal as they enter the food chain.  There were lots of refrigerated trucks standing by. 
Big, professional operation. 

More pics of the market.

A little barbeque...

The 'cowboys', Rich and Howard...

...and the 'cowgirls', Nancy and Barbara.

Lots of potatoes!

Huge cabbage!
Awww!  Baby goat making friends with Barbara.

Thank You, Fabian, for yet another fun day here in Cuenca!   Another fun slice of life!  We're ready to go again anytime (muck boots or not).

Pictures courtesy of Barbara and Fabian.  Howard took this last one.  With 111 photos, it was hard to choose!


  1. Missing you guys. Hope we can do the animal market when we return. It looks like loads of fun. Glad everything is back to normal in Cuenca.

  2. What a beautiful day it was for going to the animal market. Fabian took us there too, and we just loved it! I want one of those little donkeys!!!!! They are so adorable. Looking forward to seeing you soon.