Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Sunday, Another Market

Our Sunday walk took us down busy Av. Solano. 

We visited a new-to-us people's market, about a block away from the Fragata building, same side of the street as the Mt Sinai hospital.

We think it would have been alot more busy if it were not Sunday.  We'll have to visit during the week next time to get a real feel of the market.  But, even on a Sunday, there were shoppers and stalls open for business. 

Many streets and markets are named after important dates in Ecuadorian history.

This market is named after 27 February.
On this day, Ecuador won the Battle of Tarqui, a turning point in a war against Peru in 1829.  (The day is a national holiday, often with military parades.)

Lots of food for sale.

Kind of a mini-Feria Libre market.
Lots of clothes and other merchandise, too.

As we walked down Av. Solano, we enjoyed some old architecture. 
You can really see details when you're on foot.

This is the intricate wrought iron gate outside the high school. 

Spring flowers in bloom!

Right next to the stadium, there is a new skateboard park being built.  No pics of the construction, but we saw this 'interesting' poster on the stadium... 

A little music for you. The tune we keep humming...Chola Cuencana!

(Click on 'melody', upper left corner.)


  1. Very cool poster! Like the subtle changes on your blog.

    So will Cuenca be 3 hours ahead when Oregon goes off Daylight Savings Time..

  2. HI Len,
    There is no daylight savings time here. No need. Sunrise and sunset are just about the same time year-round...6am and 6pm...give or take a few minutes.

    Thanks for the nice words on the blog.

    See you soon, N (and R)