Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Friends, More pics

More pics of friends for their families...always fun to revisit and share.  We post pics periodically, as our friends' families like to see us having fun!  (We'll try to post pics more often in the future.)

At Larry and Liza's Studio.
Visit their website at

Deborah, Fabian and Gil at the Kook. 

Cynthia (Edd in the background with the hat), at an expat evening at Zoe's.

Connie and Karen, new friends from NY.

New friends Holly and Judy.

With Charlie at the flower market.
Barbara and Howard.

Frances (at CA Kitchen).
George (also at CA Kitchen).

Fabian (for you, Ricky!)

With Charlie and Blanca.
With new friends Liz and Brian from CA.
With Ozzie! and Jason and Donna one Sunday.

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