Monday, October 18, 2010

Mansion Alcazar

On one of our walks to town, we stopped in again at the Alcazar Hotel.  We never tire of the beauty of this place!

The gardens...everything seems to be blooming, now that it's springtime here.
Some familiar flowers, some new. 


Lily of the Nile (we used to call these 'freeway plants' in the US, because they are prolific along the freeways in parts of CA.)  Lovely!

A favorite fountain in the garden.

Wonderful smells of the jasmine!

Blooming Chicks and Hens.
(Thanks, Ruth, for reminding us of the name!)

Maybe our Master Gardener friends can tell us what these are called.  Another plant that needs a name...

We know these are roses!

Inside the lobby of this grand old building.  It was once a former President's residence, lots of interesting history.  Gorgeous period furniture.

Fountain with flowers and angels.

Note the painted chair backs on leather.

Talk about a crystal chandelier!

Paintings on the walls.

Do a search on this blog for more pics from previous visits. 
Their web site is

Truly a gorgeous place!


  1. Venture to say that it looks like "Chicks and Hens" plants that are blooming. Ruth

  2. Thanks, Ruth! I just added the name to the blog. Funny how we totally forgot that one.
    Have any idea what the name of the plant is, right underneath, with all the interesting seed pods(?)?
    Or, anyone else know?

    Love to you 3!

  3. Michael and I had a lovely dinner date, just the 2 of us, in this hotel on our last visit - food and atmosphere were superb! Thanks for sharing the pics...Patty

  4. Great pics, Nancy! We had our first month anniversary in Cuenca at the Mansion Alcazar and it was amazing. We save it for special occasions, so we won't tire of it (if that's possible!). Great post!