Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Sunday with Friends

Our traditional Sunday walk to town included our friends/neighbors Chuck, Nancy and Matt, their son who is here for a visit.  So nice to have Chuck and Nancy's company again!  We missed them when they were out of the country for awhile.  Yes, we walked when they were gone, but it just wasn't the same.  We had fun seeing Cuenca through Matt's eyes, too!  Always a delight to share in a visitor's perspective.

As we were headed out, we spied a giant bug on the sidewalk outside of our building.  For size, imagine about 4 quarters lined up along the side, including the wings...BIG!  Very Colorful!!

A nearby pottery studio was open and we had to check it out inside.  (It's located right behind the Cuadras buildings.)  It's a family operation and they do everything from mixing the clay to painting the designs.  There is a clay pit on the property in the back, along with the old, still working kiln and work areas.  Another good example of a small doorway...that goes way back inside. Always a surprise behind those doorways.
One of the Senors gave us a demo of making a pot on the wheel:

Wide variety of styles and techniques.  Lovely pieces.

After the pottery, we continued the walk to the Kooksburra Cafe for breakfast.  It was Maddy's birthday, so we all joined in with the singing.  Here's Maddy with Liza...
Here's Matt and Nancy awaiting the food...and relaxing our bodies after the trek.

After breakfast, we wandered to the Square...we love this purple tree! 

...and the 'glads in the flower market.

We enjoyed watching the little children having fun with the stuffed horses...

Our bench was right beside one of the professional photographers who takes pictures of those who want to pose with the stuffed horses...Matt was game!

Anyone can pose with the ponies:

More kids having fun...

Caught up with friends...

We had to eat ice cream!

Here's one of the churches all lit up as we were headed back home.

Another full, fun Sunday.

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  1. Saw the picture of the large 4-quarter sized bug on your blog. Would love more information on the insects in Cuenca. My sister & I plan to move there soon but she is afraid of lots of insects, particularly bees, wasps, hornets and anything large. We were going to Boquete, Panama but the insect population there was too large. Will Cuenca be better? Thanks for the advise. Charlene Stone