Friday, April 9, 2010

Random Pictures and Stories

We have been reviewing and organizing all the pics we've taken over the last few weeks, and have some we'd like to share...In no particular order...

Here's Bob, Rox and Coquita, last trip here from the Coast.  (We're showing them the rentals...)

Jason and Donna have returned to Cuenca!

Jason and Donna's new blog:

Jason's very cool new hat:

Check out these ice cream treats!  We're at the new shop at the main square with Bruce and Charlie.

With Juan Carlos, chef, at Tiestos.

Holly's new 'do (at Tiestos).

Patty and Michael...another new hat!

Catching up with Friends (outside the Kookaburra Cafe) one Sunday...
Linda, Rhonda, Larry and Jerry.

Another hat picture...Chuck and Brad.

With Lourdes, admiring a building...

Shell and Marsha...and their new car!

These shoes were made for walkin'...

Nancy's new zapatos!
Sketchers' brand, bought right here in Cuenca.
(The shop is located in the mall with our Supermaxi, Av. Americas)
The gal barely looked at Nancy's big, size US9 feet and brought out the perfect size, no measuring.  They weren't cheap, but we figured they were worth every penny... cheaper than a trip out of town to find. 

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