Friday, April 2, 2010

Pottery Day, part 1 (Artesa)

We decided to plan a day of pottery, visiting both the Artesa factory/showroom and then a trip up to Turi to see Vega's workshop and gallery.
Our friends, Lourdes, Patty and Michael, joined us for the 'Pottery Extravaganza Day'.

We never tire of visiting Artesa.  We love the factory and the showroom, which shows all the beautiful patterns.  Our friends loved it, too (their first visit).
(For more info and pics, see Lourdes' blog on the sidebar:  looloo in ecuador.)

It's always amazing to see just how many hands touch each piece of pottery as it's created. 

The tour begins at the 'dirt pile' outback...specially mixed clay and sand. 

It's a big operation inside the factory. 

The molds:

The kiln:


After the tour, we visited the showroom again.  All kinds of goodies.

We took a break for lunch, and then headed up the hill to Vegas' studio...
part 2 of our day is next.

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