Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cuenca!

The 12th of April, or Doce de Abril, marks the founding of Cuenca, 1557.

The town was quiet yesterday...no construction on nearby projects and traffic was light on Av Americas, which is a major, usually very busy thoroughfare.  Many businesses were closed and 3 different ATMs we tried in the area were out of money!

The last few days has been 'Fiesta Time'. Cuenca has been celebrating as only Cuenca can, with lots of art and music and fireworks.

Over the last few days, we've attended several art events.

The Opening of an art exhibit at La Otorongo Gallery featured 'equines'...horses, zebras, unicorns, etc.
One of our favorite artists, Liza Wheeler and husband/assistant Larry, displayed their newest mosiac art.  So beautiful!

(See the link to Liza's website on the sidebar.)  The exhibit runs through April, so catch it if you're in town.  Pictures of Liza's art just don't do them justice!  You have to see and enjoy in person.

A collection of upscale shops at La Esquina Plaza featured art in several mediums.  Some of the most talented and well-known artists in Cuenca were represented.  We wandered the shops and art exhibits (including Liza's and Vega's)...caught up with several friends also enjoying the art and the sunshine.

There was an international several K race on Sunday...MANY runners!  We've noticed that races here include everyone...doesn't seem to be qualifications to participate.  Open to everyone!  Of all sizes, ages and abilities.  Fun to see, but still can't imagine running a race at this altitude!

We visited the art and food booths at Parque de Madre...lots of colorful art and crafts...jewelry, paintings, textiles and more.  Some originals, some mass produced, all fun to see. Fun to people-watch, too.

 Hot day!  Donna and Nancy with umbrellas to shield from the intense sun.

We really enjoyed talking with an artist from Lima.  He spoke pretty good English (some of his family is in the US) and told us about his travels and some of the inspiration for his art.  Fascinating. We liked the painting (and stories) of his horse in Peru! 

More art:

Nancy liked these chubby llamas!

As many of you know, soccer is a biggie here.  Rich attended a game last night with friends.  We'll post details on that later.


  1. hello Rich and Nancy!!!
    i hope you guys are enjoying everything Ecuador has to offer, especially Cuenca my hometown!!
    thank you for all the pictures and stories, it brings back very nice memories of the city that saw me grow... i hope to meet you guys someday!! and please say hi to my dad Fabian and tell him i miss him a lot!!! he tells me a lot about you guys and that you are great people!!
    wish you best of luck...
    Ricky from Chicago!

  2. Ricky! Hola!!
    Your Dad is just wonderful! He's become a good friend, too.
    He talks about you all the time and really misses you. We'll pass on your note to him.
    Can you send us your email address?
    We'd love to stay in touch.
    Best, Nancy and Rich