Monday, April 5, 2010

Cooking Class with Friends

A gathering of new Culinary Giants...

We had heard about Leslie's cooking classes, so we got a schedule and signed up along with several friends, Lourdes, Bruce and Charlie. 

Meet Leslie:

Leslie is a very accomplished chef and a great teacher, with 15 years experience in restaurants and catering in the US and Ecuador.   She offers several classes...  everything from Italian, Greek, Chinese, Louisiana, breakfast and much more.  We attended the class on sauces, which included several...all easy, all delicious. 
The maximum class size is 6 people.  $20/each.  3 hour sessions.
For more information,  you can contact Leslie at:

Wonderful sauces:

And a variety of fish/meats/veggies to taste them with:

We had a great time!  Learned a lot!  We'll be attending more classes soon.

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