Monday, August 22, 2011

Along the River

More pictures of our walks along this historic stretch of the Tomebamba River.

Beautifully restored building.  CIDAP museum is located here.

Right next door, an outbuilding of the orignal house.

Stairs leading up to Calle Larga and a walking bridge over the river.

You can see Parque de la Madre (Mother's Park) in the background.

Fortunately, there are flat 'breaks' in the staircase, so you catch your breath!

Someone actually counted the stairs...she counted over 90.

Vendors and a restaurant along the staircase...

Another staircase leading up to Calle Larga.  You can see the Adobe rental complex and the walking bridge over the river.

Interesting and fun artwork along the stairs.

A fun place with good burgers.

More interesting buildings along the river.

More street art.

Look how quiet Calle Larga is on an early Sunday morning!  It's usually jammed.

We have more pics to share later so stay tuned.

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