Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Art and The Ugly

Here are more pictures around town ...

From a recent Sunday walk...  the new cultural center area renovation work is progressing nicely.

Looks like this old buildng will be getting a new facade soon.

A street artist just couldn't resist decorating, too.

Workers fixing the street...

More beautification of the area between the Main Square and the Flower Market.

A special service was in progress at the Church near the Flower Market, celebrating the Virgin of Carmen.  The Church was all decorated outside and the inside was packed with folks and all decorated, too. 

We tried to get  pictures from outside looking in.

A close-up.

A party supply shop.  Hello Kitty is everywhere!

More street art near the SF market.  This one is pretty good.
Flower boxes all in bloom, despite the recent cold weather.
Daisies for Ruth...
These are pictures from another Sunday...Church was just letting out.  Sundays are for families. 
Snacks for sale.
A little free music in the Park.  You might have to blow up this pic to see the variety of cool instruments. 
More interesting and colorful street art.  So much more artistic and creative than the usual tagging .  
Seems like there is more spray can tagging in town, it's appearing more and more on the historic buildings and churches. Even Cuenca's signature Church, the New Cathedral, has been tagged.  As soon as the workers clean up the mess, it's back again. Too bad. 

An Ecuadorian friend tells us the City officials are getting ready to crack down on the kids.  Hope so.  He's heard the kids could face jail time and the police could present the parents a bill for clean-up.  We'll see... 


  1. AS usual - Great Photos. I was walking on the other side of town near San Blas. What's the story with Mixx? Are they out of business? They were closed Sat.Sun. and Monday.

  2. Hi Lenny, thanks for the nice words.
    We've noticed MIXX has been closed recently, too. We don't know why either, no signs. Could be someone is sick or maybe it's just vacation time.
    Hopefully, they will open again soon...we think it's the BEST ice cream in Cuenca!