Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthdays and More Fun

We've been having alot of fun celebrating birthdays this month.  More pictures to share...

Here are the Birthday Boys, Howard, Rich and Bruce.

We celebrated at the CA Kitchen.

Thanks to all who sent birthday greetings to Rich...the big 7-0 this year!

Last weekend Ecuador celebrated the 'First Cry of Freedom' from Spain. 

Flags out at the Square, blowing in the breeze.

Family fun.  Another really cute cowgirl posing for pictures.

We've been watching the renovation of a favorite Church on Gran Colombia. 

Great paint job!

The heart of Jesus.

Looks like the bells got all shined up, too.

We thought of Bob and Rox and our Grants Pass friends celebrating recently as we spotted this old Ford beauty...looks like an early '53 or '54?  Somebody out there knows...reminds us of Hot August Nights.

Sunday was another fun walk to town. 

This time with Chuck only, as Nancy is traveling.  We're looking forward to her return home soon.

Checking out the cultural center area, the street construction is almost done and looking good!

We also took a little road trip with friends to the countryside...  so peaceful and quiet. 

All we could hear was the wind.

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