Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Todos Santos Neighborhood

Another walk, another neighborhood... This time we explored one of the oldest areas in Cuenca, seeped in history, Todos Santos (All Saints).

The first Church in Cuenca is located here, now under major renovation.  In 2005, there was an electrical fire that did alot of damage and the Church was also suffering from neglect and huge maintenance issues.  This fix-up project began a few years ago, and is expected to finish sometime next year.  We can hardly wait to see this old Church restored to its former glory! 

So much's where the first Catholic Mass was held in 1540.  The Church is also the location of one of the original corners of Old Cuenca, marked with a cross. 

The area is known for the old wood ovens and many of the bread shops still use the old baking techniques.  The bread from this area is delicious!  You can smell the wood burning fires when the ovens are fired up and the aroma of baking bread wafts through the streets early mornings.

Here's a picture of the open oven door, with the flames.

Sign outside...bread and other baked goods for sale.  'Horno de Lena' means 'wood oven'.

Across the street on Calle Larga.

Walking the neighborhood from Calle Larga toward the Square, you can see all the old adobe buildings still in use, in various stages of repair. 

We always delight at the renovation projects of these old beauties!

You never know what's behind the gates.

Lovely restoration...pretty flowers painted on the windows.

For our friends in Texas...

Street scribbles are everywhere in the City, including this neighborhood.

Another cute street doggie.
We didn't get a good pic of the Church itself this time.  When we first visited Cuenca, the Church was wrapped all in blue construction tarps; these have been removed recently. We'll have to walk out several blocks and try later. 
It's a huge Church and absolutely stunning!

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