Friday, August 12, 2011

Neighborhood Walks

We explored a couple more neighborhoods on our walks around town.

There is a nice plaza neighborhood on the way to CA Kitchen...  a mix of architecture and activities around the square.

The plaza is called Parque Maria Auxiliadora.

Modern Church with pretty stained glass windows.

Book store.

A curious poster, not sure what this is all about.

One day we walked from G Sangurima to San Blas.  Along the way, we passed produce vendors taking a break. 

Trying to decide...

We knew we were close when we could see the dome of San Blas.

Headed for ice cream!  MIXX is open!

Last Sunday, we got another early start and  walked down Gran Colombia. 

Here are the colorful kites for sale at the traffic circle near us.  The kids are out of school, so it must be kite season.

A close-up.

We passed a house burning trash...lots of stinky smoke.  We like to walk early Sundays so we can avoid the bus fumes.  Hadn't expected we'd choke on burning garbage instead! 

We just picked up the pace...

The construction in front of  La Cuadras apt complex is going up fast (facing G Colombia).

New street art.

Another glorious Sunday!

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