Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cuenca's Independence Day 2013 (part 2)

Besides some of the fabulous art we enjoyed around town, we also enjoyed the art venues...old historic buildings that showcase the UNESCO status of our City.  We are so happy these old beauties have been renovated and saved.  All with fascinating history and stories over the years. 

The Judicial building at the Square.

Lovely ceilings and details.

We also stopped in at the Museum of Modern Art.  Our cameras decided to take a break, so we can't share the winners of the art displays.  But, we love the courtyards with outside art, which are permanent displays at this location.

A stop at Casa de los Arcos.  Lovely outside terrace looking down on the river, streets and bridge below. 

View of the University.

View of the new walking bridge.

Enjoying the views with the Watsons.

A family tomb at this location.

At the Square, folks were protesting a variety of issues.  Loud, but peaceful.

We also toured the new light rail prototype on display. 

RED fabric seats.

Impressive!  Due for operation in 2015.

More fun and colorful textiles in the shops.

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